Thursday, May 29, 2008

Trip to the Zoo!

I have lived in Utah for over 6 years now and have never been to the Hogle Zoo until yesterday! I took the girls and we met up with Jessica and Raz (Bubba's cousin's wives) and their kids and we had a great time. The last couple of summers we have taken Savannah to the zoo and she hasn't been very interested, but this time she LOVED it! She was so excited about seeing all the animals and has not stopped talking about all of them since we got home yesterday! It was so fun to see her get so excited and to hear her tell us all about cute. Paris liked it too...she knows all of her animal noises and did a great job of making the right noises when she saw the animals and I can't remember the last time that she sat in the stroller for more than a few minutes without screaming to get out, so she was obviously entertained yesterday as well. I borrowed Bubba's work camera so I could take and share some pics...enjoy!

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Laura said...

Your girls have perfect hair-I am completely jealous.