Monday, November 28, 2011

Camden - 6 months old!

Just took my little boy in for his 6 month checkup...he is growing up way too fast!  He can sit up pretty well but isn't quite ready to be left on his own as he still tends to lean over and land on his face quite a bit!  He rolls quite a bit...his very latest trick is to roll over several times from the middle of the floor until he is under the Christmas tree and then he tries grabbing ornaments off of it!  He still will have nothing to do with any kind of bottle or baby food so hopefully he will become more interested in food over the next few months!  He weighed in at 18.7 pounds so he is down to the 65%ile for weight which is skinny for my kids at that age :) and he measured in at 26.5 inches which puts him in the 50%ile for surprises there!  Camden still loves his feet and grabs them constantly, and if he happens to have socks or shoes on, those must come off immediately which is making winter challenging...he is just going to have to live in his footed pajamas so that his feet don't freeze!  All of his sisters love him and are mostly really sweet with him (aside from a few not-so-sweet moments from Madison each day)...he is going to be spoiled rotten by all of us.  He is starting to give some very open-mouthed kisses which I love and is still just the sweetest little boy ever.  He has had some challenges with sleeping lately but I think we're finally getting him back on track and most nights he goes 8-9 hours, wakes up once and then sleeps another 2-3 hours so not too bad.  He is very close to consistently being able to get his own binky in all by himself which is personally one of my favorite milestones, especially in the middle of the night!  I think he would be on a fabulous nap schedule if it weren't for the fact that I'm always waking him up and trying to work his naps around everyone else's schedules.  I guess that's what you get for being the 4th kid!  We love Camden to pieces!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Paris is 5 on 11/11/11

What a cool date for a birthday!  I can't believe this little girl is 5 years old already.  Paris has so much personality and makes life very interesting for all of us.  Some moments she is the sweetest, most helpful little girl ever and other moments she is very stubborn and intensely emotional/hot-tempered but it definitely keeps us on our toes.  Paris still loves princesses and fairies and everything girly, but I think her favorite thing to do these days is read.  She has been reading for over a year now, but I am amazed at how well she can read at such a young age.  Every time I go into her room to make her bed, I find a stack of books that she snuck in there the night before to read before going to sleep.  She finds flashlights and sneaks them under the covers....I'm sure I should be more strict about making her go to sleep, but can't really find the motivation since I read for hours every night before going to sleep when I was young too!  Paris loves to play on the computer, ride her bike and scooter, and play with friends.  We had a birthday party this year at our house with a few of her friends...she wanted a My Little Pony party but since she invited a few boys, we tried to keep it from being too girly.  We had pony races, played Horse, Horse, Pony, Hot Potato (with a stuffed pony), went on a scavenger hunt for a pony, and played Pin the Cutie Mark on the Pony too.  Paris had her 5 year checkup and weighed in at 37 pounds (25%ile) and is 40.5 inches tall (14%ile).  Poor thing is pretty short, but it amazes me that my little petite girl is the same child that was in the 98%ile for weight the first couple years of her life!  

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Fun!

We had lots of fun in October, getting ready for Halloween and enjoying the beautiful fall weather!  We went to a small pumpkin patch nearby to pick out pumpkins and the kids had a blast playing in the dried corn...well, until Savannah started freaking out because she had a bunch of corn kernels in her pants that were not feeling very good!  

This year, Paris wanted to be Silvermist (one of Tinkerbell's fairy friends), Savannah wanted to be Smurfette, and then we decided Madison should be Winnie the Pooh since she loves Pooh, and then we figured Camden would be a cute honey pot.  I think they all turned out to be pretty cute and they all stayed warm while trick-or-treating too!