Sunday, October 25, 2009

We are so proud!

Today was the Primary program in our ward and since Savannah is a Sunbeam this year, it was the first time that she was able to participate. The Primary had their first rehearsal two weeks ago and she was fine with it, but last week she came with me to my classes because she didn't want anything to do with saying her part or singing the songs during their rehearsal. Given the fact that the one time she was asked to say a scripture in Sharing Time, she threw herself on the floor crying when it was time for her to speak, I just kinda planned on the fact that she probably would not actually participate in the program today. Every time the Primary has sung in Sacrament meeting this year, she has refused to go up with all the other kids. However, when it was time for all the kids to go up, she went right up there without any hesitation! I couldn't believe it, but figured she would probably not actually say her part....and again we were so surprised! She went right up to the microphone and said her part perfectly ("Heavenly Father loves me and has a plan for me"). Bubba and I were shocked, but we were so proud of her (yes, BOTH of us got a little misty eyed after she said her part). Savannah is such a sweet little girl but has become a little more unpredictable these days...sometimes she is so shy and not quite so cooperative and other times she is fearless and not fazed by anything! I just wish I had a better idea of which situations would trigger which reaction so I could prepare myself a little better!

Another princess?

So we had the big ultrasound a couple of weeks back and most of you have already heard our big news...I was waiting to post on here until I could scan the ultrasound pics in, but I'll go back and add those later. Anyways, we found out that we are having.........another GIRL! We are super excited, although the first thing that Bubba said when he found out was, "Another princess?!!!!" However, we love the two princesses that we already have and are thrilled to be having another one, even if it does mean even more pink and more drama in the house! I just barely hit 20 weeks so we have less than halfway to go until March 12 but that still seems like a very long time away. I feel great these days and in the last couple of weeks have been feeling the baby move all day (and most of the night too!) which is my favorite part of this whole pregnancy thing. Now all we need to do is come up with a name....we have absolutely no ideas so any suggestions (that you aren't set on using for yourselves) are appreciated!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Catch-up time!

So this is going to be one long post that covers everything we've been up to for the last couple of months!

At the end of August, we had a Mauler Family reunion here in Payson for a couple days and had a great time with everyone...we even attempted some family pictures while the whole clan was here. It was windy and freezing at the time and my kids were not feeling good, but we got a couple decent shots!

At the beginning of September, Savannah started preschool for the first time. I was a little nervous because she is very shy and somewhat resistant to change, and she didn't know the teacher or any of the kids in her class, but she never even looked back when I dropped her off and she has loved it! She loves her teacher, Mrs. Amy, and she can't wait to go every time which makes me so happy. Paris has been a little less excited about and wishes she could go too, but it has been really fun for me to have a little bit of one-on-one time with her and I think she looks forward to that as well.

On September 16, my brother David left on his mission-he was called to the Copenhagen, Denmark mission and is now in the MTC. My girls got to be around him this summer and Savannah particularly was very attached so we all miss him but he is being a great example to all of us and the kids are excited to be able to mail him letters and pictures. If you want updates on his mission, you can check out

We've been loving fall so far-we've driven up the canyon several times and it is just beautiful. Yesterday we went to the local pumpkin patch and got to go on a tractor ride to a field where picked out some pumpkins and I took a bunch of pictures of the kids since I have been really bad about taking pictures lately.