Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

Having church at 9 am makes it a little difficult to take really good pictures of 3 little kids, so we didn't get any fabulous shots, but the girls looked adorable and we had a great Easter this year. Bubba has been out of town for the last 12 days and was able to be home just for Easter Sunday before having to leave again, so it made the day even better!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Cool Whip!

I was trying to keep Madison busy for a few minutes the other day, so I gave her the lid to the Cool Whip kept her occupied for quite a while and she was in heaven!

Good Memories!

I have been reorganizing everything in our house lately since we are moving all the of the kids into different bedrooms and rearranging all of our stuff. I found a box of old pictures and came across this chalk drawing that Bubba and I had done when we went to Paris about 6 years ago. We were up at Montmarte where all of the artists are and this guy talked us into buying this...I think it was like $100 and I don't think it looks like us at all, but it's kind of neat to have an actual personalized piece of art from Paris. Bubba and I both laughed when we saw this because it is actually pretty awful...don't think we'll be hanging it in our living room anytime soon!