Monday, September 27, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten!

I'm so behind on blogging, but will try to catch up this week. Savannah started kindergarten last month! I kept thinking she would be hesitant to start school, since she is so quiet and shy, but she has been nothing but excited about it. A week before school started, I took her in for her kindergarten assessment and she flew through it...I was so proud of her for answering the questions! I knew she knew all of the stuff, but wasn't sure she would actually talk once we got there...but she did a fabulous job! Her teacher was very surprised at how much she knew...Savannah read her a book, wrote her letters, and even got the subtraction problems right...which the teacher said had never happened before!
On the day school started, Savannah insisted she wanted to ride the bus so we walked her down to the bus stop and she didn't even hesitate to get on...I admit that I was nervous about how she would get to her classroom once she got to the school so I followed the bus and made sure she went with all the kindergartners to class...she handled it all like a pro. She doesn't tell me too many details about what she does at school, but says she likes it, and so far recess is her favorite part!

In the last couple of months, Savannah's reading has just taken all finally clicked and now she reads everything! At night, I usually find her reading in bed with a flashlight, long after I thought she was already asleep. She reads to Madison and Paris too, which is so nice for all of us! I'm just surprised at how fast it all clicked...and I'm super impressed with how well she reads. A lot of times kids read really slow at the beginning, stopping at every single word to think about it, but she just flies through, hardly hesitating unless it's a word she doesn't know. Since reading is my favorite thing to do, I am so happy that she seems to have inherited/developed that same trait!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

7 months old!

Madison is now 7 months old and is getting so big! She is no longer content sitting and has been trying to crawl for a couple of weeks now...she usually gets up on her hands and knees and ends up pushing herself backwards instead of forwards, but in the last couple of days has started to figure out how to go in the right direction. I think she'll figure out how to actually crawl in the next couple of weeks but she manages to roll and scoot and moves all over the place already! She loves solids now and really loves Puffs and Cheerios...the first few times she had a really hard time picking them up and actually getting them into her mouth, but now she is a pro. Last week, she got her first two teeth-they came in about a day apart. She still doesn't laugh much at all, but always has a big smile for anyone she knows, and sometimes for people she doesn't! Still not much hair, but I think it's finally starting to actually grow!

Not happy about the fact that she scooted backwards and got stuck under Savannah's bed!