Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sledding with Papa!

Last week we had one day that was slightly warmer than all the other days we've had so far this winter so I decided it would be fun to take the girls sledding and my dad (Papa) wanted to come too. We just went to this little hill that is near our neighborhood and we were the only ones was perfect. I took Savannah down with me when we first got there and she didn't seem scared or anything, but that was her only time down the hill...she refused to go again and spent the rest of the time there eating snow and sledding down the hill on her stomach (without a sled!)...and she was perfectly happy! On the other hand, Paris could not get enough! Every time we went down the hill she would immediately say "Do it again!" She went down by herself a few times and was fine but she preferred to go with either me or Papa and so we got lots of sledding in too!

At one point, Paris just laid down with her face in the snow for about 3 minutes...I went to go check on her because she wasn't moving at all and she told me she was just sleeping...crazy kid!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My new look!

After having my hair long for almost 2 years now, I decided it was time for a change and I got it all hacked off! So here's what I look like now....

Our little ballerina!

Savannah absolutely loves to twirl and spends a huge amount of time each day twirling around the house, usually while singing. I decided that she was old enough to begin taking dance lessons so I signed her up and her first lesson was last week. She was so excited to wear her leotard and shoes, but I was a little concerned that she would be too shy to actually participate in the class. But she did awesome! She walked right into class and listened to the teacher and participated without any problems the whole entire time! I'm so excited to see how much she learns and hopefully her courage will last all the way through the big performance at the end of the season in May!

I love this video...she is trying so hard to do her plies and technically has it down, but we need to work on the gracefulness's still pretty dang cute though!

Discovery Museum

Last weekend we took the kids up to the Discovery Museum in Salt Lake for the first time and they absolutely loved it! They had such a great time playing with all the exhibits and toys and after 2 hours we had to drag them out of there because they would have stayed much longer if we had the time.

Cute daddy walking with his cute girls!

Paris loved putting the balls in these vacuum powered tubes...every time you opened the little door the air would blow in her face and she loved it! She did this about 100 times in a row before we convinced her to move on to the next thing!

The girls loved playing in the water and as you can tell, Paris got surprise there!

This is Daddy trying to dry Paris off under the hand dryer....nice try!

And this was the horse's mailbox...haha!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


This year we were able to have Christmas morning in our own home and it was so fun! We had dinner on Christmas Eve at my parents' house and then we came home to put the kids to bed and get everything ready for the morning. Our wonderful children slept in until almost 9 and they were so excited to go see what Santa had brought them! We started with stockings and both girls found Chapstick took us forever to get that away from them so they could move on to something else....and that was pretty much the story of the morning. We had to keep taking breaks and then come back to opening presents because the kids would get stuck on one thing and have no interest in looking at anything else-it took several hours to finally get everything open and they really didn't have that many presents!

My mom made the girls these cute matching nightgowns for Christmas!

Christmas Preparations!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year and we especially had fun getting everything ready! Holidays just get more and more fun as the kids get older...they were so excited about everything and we had lots of fun doing Christmas things throughout December. Here are some pics of decorating cookies and making a gingerbread house.

Yep, we had to take Paris' clothes off since she is the messiest little girl when it comes to any kind of food....and yes, she probably ate way more frosting than she put on the cookie, but she had a great time!

My neat, tidy, meticulous child that spent 30 minutes decorating one cookie without getting any frosting anywhere else!

Her finished masterpiece!

And here is the gingerbread house assembly and decorating process:

Savannah carefully decorating, Paris eating all of the candy...pretty typical!

Once again!

Ok, she did help some!

And here it is after all that work...isn't it beautiful?!!!

Paris' Owie!

I am so behind on my blog, but I'm attempting to catch up! This happened about a month ago-Paris was running around and fell in our basement and hit her eye-it was bleeding everywhere and looked pretty nasty for a couple of days. When it happened, she cried for about 10 seconds and then was back to running around like a crazy child...that's Paris!