Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My not so little girl... and Paris trauma!

My little Savannah will be three at the end of June and lately she has just seemed like such a big girl to me. Most people think she is very quiet, since she tends to go silent when other people are around, but when it is just us at home, she dances around singing and talking non-stop! Just in the last couple of days I have noticed that she is using her pronouns correctly! Instead of saying, "Savannah wants Mommy to come here" she now says "I want you to come here." It amazes me because I never really have corrected her or emphasized this, yet she has figured it all out on her own and changed the way she says things....and so far she has done it perfectly since yesterday! I shouldn't be too surprised because that's how she has always been...for example, I sing the alphabet a lot to her but never really thought it was sticking until one day she just sang the entire thing all by herself. It's like she won't let on that she knows something until she has the whole thing down perfectly....kinda sounds like someone else I know (me)! Anyways, Savannah is such a sweet little girl and although she has typical 2 year old moments, we have been very spoiled because most of the time she is such a calm, self-entertaining, sweet little girl! Here is a pic from last week of the first time I ever curled her hair with a curling iron...she's always had some natural curl so I've never bothered, but it looked so cute-she has the most beautiful hair ever!

Tonight we had a scary experience...the girls were just playing in the playroom while I was getting some stuff done and all of the sudden I heard Paris screaming so I ran down the hall to find that she was in the spare bedroom next to the playroom and she had stuck her head through the metal bars of the daybed that we have in there. I have absolutely no idea how she got her head through the bars because her head was at least an inch bigger than the space she was stuck in and there was absolutely no way that I could pull her out. She was freaking out and twisting all over the place and I was scared to death she was going to hurt her neck or something. I had no idea what to do so I called Bubba (who is in Memphis) and told him what happened and he told me to hold on for a second (I couldn't believe he was putting me on hold!) and after a couple minutes he came back on and said that Jake (Bubba's boss who lives about a mile away) was on his way. I had to leave Paris for 20 seconds so I could run up and unlock the door and by the time I got back, both her and Savannah were hysterical and Paris was thrashing around so much I could hardly keep her still. Jake got there within a couple of minutes and was able to pull the bars and bend them far enough apart that we were able to get her head out. Paris is fine and a few M&Ms later the whole trauma was least by her. Savannah kept saying, "That was scary!" Luckily Bubba is more level-headed than I am, and luckily Jake is a lot stronger than I am or it could have been a lot more traumatic. Savannah keeps telling me that "Jake saved Paris" thanks Jake for coming to the rescue!


The Pruitts said...

How scary, poor Paris!! You are a good momma to keep calm through that whole experience, Nellie. I would have probably been hysterical, especially if it was just me with the kids. I didn't realize until just now that Bubba wasn't home when that whole thing happened, and I'm glad Jake could help.

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh! That is so scary! I think I was panicking just reading this. I am so glad you got some help and that she is ok!