Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter, Bunnies and ABCs!

We ended up making a last minute trip to Moab this last weekend to check some stuff out for Bubba's work retreat that is coming up this weekend. At first I was disappointed because I thought that our kids were going to be missing out on the Easter egg hunts that we were planning on going to, but we were able to find one down in Moab! There were hundreds of kids there and our kids didn't really know what they were doing so they didn't get that many eggs, but they had fun and got to see the Easter Bunny (he was a little freaky looking), and once Savannah figured out there was candy in the eggs, she was just thrilled!

Right before we left for Moab, Bubba surprised me and the girls with some Easter bunnies of our own...we now have 2 cute little pet bunnies! We have not yet named them....every name I suggest to Savannah gets turned down so we're still trying to get her to come up with something. I'm a little concerned because it turns out one of them is male and one is female...so we may end up having hundreds of bunnies in the future....we really need to get them in separate cages ASAP!!!! The girls love them though so it has been fun to see them with their new pets!

Savannah has recently begun to sing the ABC's all day long. A few months ago she attempted it a couple of times and did pretty well but left out quite a few letters and now I think she only leaves out "L" and "N" so we're pretty proud! I always sing her the alphabet while I'm brushing her teeth (so she knows that my turn lasts until I'm done singing), and last night after I brushed her teeth, she took her toothbrush in her name and began "brushing" all of her doll's teeth...and singing the ABCs while doing so...it was pretty cute. I got her singing on camera today...so enjoy!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Petting Zoo!

Yesterday I went with my friend Rachel and her 2 little boys to the farm/petting zoo at Thanksgiving Point. Paris and Savannah loved all the animals! The first animal we saw when we walked in was an alpaca and Paris loved it...she stood there and kept touching him for about 15 minutes and kept saying "Doggie!" with a big smile on her face....and kept saying "doggie" everytime we saw a new animal. She is only 16 months old though...so I guess we'll just let it go for now! She had absolutely no fear of any of the animals-she stuck her finger through the fence where the ducks were and got her finger bitten. I thought she would scream but she just kinda looked at her finger and then looked back at the duck with a scowl on her face and then walked away! Both girls got to go on a little pony ride while we were there and loved it!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Daddy/Daughter Date

Last night Bubba took Savannah on a date to see Disney Princesses on Ice with some of his co-workers and their little girls. Savannah really doesn't know much about any of the Disney characters and has never really sat still for that long so I was a little concerned about how she was going to do, but she loved it! Bubba said that when the show first started she was so excited and had the biggest smile ever on her face! By the end of it she was getting a little restless, but overall she had a great time and has been talking about it all day. She keeps talking about how she saw a dragon, a crab, a monkey and Mickey Mouse....so pretty much everything except for the princesses!
Paris just got to stay home with me, but it was so sad because she kept walking around the house saying "Nana" (that's what she calls Savannah) and couldn't figure out why she couldn't find her!

Monday, March 10, 2008

We love Spring!

I am so excited that the weather has been so nice outside lately....my kids are just so much happier when they can play outside! We should be getting our fence up in the next couple of weeks which I am sooooo excited about...it will be so nice for the kids to have a safe, enclosed place to play in. We got them a sandbox and set it up this weekend....they love it! We may end up having to put new sand in every couple of weeks at the rate that Paris was dumping it everywhere, but it is well worth it! We've been going to the park a lot lately too and the kids love all the swings and slides....hopefully it continues to be fun for the next few months since I'm hoping we can spend a lot of time there!