Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bubba is 30!

Today is Bubba's 30th birthday...I just can't believe it! 30 used to sound so old to me...and now it's already here...for him anyways! He started off the morning with a raspberry croissant that I picked up yesterday from his favorite French bakery and then he had to go on a treasure hunt around the house to find his present. The last clue led him to my parent's house where he found the set of golf clubs that he has been wanting for a long time so he was very happy with that. I also surprised him with the news of a quick trip to St. George that we will be taking in a couple of weeks to go see Brian Regan, get massages and relax for 2 days in the midst of the crazy summer that is starting! Those of you who know Bubba know that he loves presents, but he hates to wait for them and so every other birthday and Christmas he has had since we've been together he has known well in advance what he is getting. This year he had no idea-I finally surprised him! Tonight we will be going out to dinner with Bubba's family to celebrate some more!

Hope you have a great birthday babe and a great year as well. We love you!

And here are some cute pics that I dug up for your enjoyment!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lots of pics....

Every year we put all of Bubba's reimbursable expenses for work on a Costco credit card and then we end up getting a gift card to Costco every February. This year we decided to use part of it to buy a nice camera and ended up getting a DSLR (Canon Rebel). We (mostly Bubba) have been having lots of fun testing it out on the kids and as a result we have thousands of pictures from the last month even though we really haven't been doing anything too exciting! I just picked out a few to torture you with...I literally had hundreds to choose from! I am loving the fact that the camera has virtually no delay so I actually get the picture I was intending on taking! With our other camera, the kids would move before the picture would actually take and so we never could quite capture the actual moment we were trying to capture!

These first two pics of are of my cute nephew brother Landon and his wife Melissa came up from Arizona to Utah as a surprise to all of us on their Spring Break and we had so much fun with them!

A couple of weeks ago we went to Zions National Park and had a great time thanks to Platinum! We stayed in a super nice cabin and got to do lots of fun was so nice to get away and have a little break for a few days...we just forgot the camera and didn't take any pictures!
On a less exciting note, the last few months have been a little bit rough. I found out I was pregnant at the beginning of January and thought everything was going well as I was super tired, nauseous, etc. However, at my first doctor's appointment at almost 9 weeks I found out through an ultrasound that I would be having a miscarriage. I decided to just wait it out and let it happen naturally, assuming it wouldn't take too long, and it ended up taking a very long time and I finally just miscarried this last weekend (at 16 weeks). I'm doing fine now and am relieved that it is finally over, but obviously a little concerned since this is the 4th miscarriage that I have experienced. As hard as this has been, I am grateful for the perspective I have gained-I am so grateful for my two little girls and know that everything does work out somehow-just not necessarily when and how we may have planned!
Bubba is getting busier and busier at work as the summer approaches-we're just hoping that he is around a little more than last summer! He really does enjoy his job though and we are grateful that he has such a good job with such a great company-even if it means he is super busy most of the time!