Wednesday, July 28, 2010

5 months old!

Madison is 5 months old, and just as cute and chunky as ever! She has rolled over a few times now, but doesn't seem to care too much about it. We've started rice cereal and she's not a huge fan, but is getting pretty good at actually eating some of it, instead of spitting it all out. After going 2 months straight without a single night of waking up between 9 and 6, she began waking up 1-2 times a night the day she hit 4 months. She is still a great sleeper and I shouldn't complain about her getting up once in the night since she sleeps from about 8 until 7, but it was hard to go back to being up at 3 am after being so spoiled for a couple of months! She sits up pretty good...not good enough to be left alone in the middle of the floor yet, but she can stay up for quite a while most of the time. She loves chewing on her fingers! She has discovered her feet recently and loves to play with them. She absolutely loves her big sisters and I love that they entertain her so well-its such a big help! In the last few weeks, Madison has become quite the chatterbox! I remember the other girls making noises, but never this much...she will "talk" for 10 minutes straight and she has the funniest facial expressions while she is doing it! (Bubba took a video of it on his phone, so when he is around I'll have to try to get it on this computer). I am so in love with this sweet baby and am sad she is growing up so fast!

I think the other 2 girls had dimples for the first few weeks of their lives, but they quickly disappeared. Madison is now 5 months old and still has the cutest dimples ever - I'm trying not to get too attached in case they disappear, but I'm hoping she gets to keep them!

Big Girl!

All 3 of our girls have different personalities, and Paris happens to be the firecracker of the bunch! And that's putting it mildly! She is the sweetest little thing, very dramatic, very funny, and very stubborn. When Savannah was potty trained about a year and a half ago, she did it within a matter of days and it was so easy-she just decided one day to do it and that was it. I thought Paris would be even easier to potty train since she now had the example of her big sister to follow. I kept bringing it up with her and she flat out refused to have anything to do with panties or way. I didn't want to push it because I figured she would do it when she was ready, but then her 3rd birthday came and went and I knew she was capable of it. I still put it off though because Madison was born and then we moved to VA, but as soon as we got settled here, I decided that we had to do this no matter what.

The first month was awful...I didn't want to push too hard, but she just wouldn't even try and every time she had to put panties on, we had a huge meltdown. Then I would finally get her to try to sit on the toilet and she'd sit there for a while with no results and then two minutes later she would have an accident. I was ready to run away but I stuck with it and took away the diapers and pull-ups (except for when we left the house - I'm not that big of a glutton for punishment!) and stopped fighting with her otherwise, and somehow she has just figured it out over the last couple of months. She doesn't have any more accidents and does all of it all by herself...I'm still not sure how we got to that point, but now that the whole experience is over, her and I are both super proud of her and she is officially a big girl!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

4th of July

We were pretty lame this year and didn't really do anything for the was Sunday and it just seemed like a lot of effort to keep the kids up so late and try to find somewhere around here to go see we just stayed home. However, I did have cute patriotic clothes for the kids to wear and tried to get some pics. Paris wouldn't even touch her red, white and blue shirt because "blue is a boy color and I don't like boy colors" so she is not in any of the pictures. It's really fun to find things for her to wear these days! Speaking of which, Savannah refuses to wear shorts this summer...she will wear jeans (it is over 100 degrees here almost every day) or skirts, but will not wear any of her cute shorts. AAAAAAHHHHH! Anyways, if these pictures don't make you feel patriotic, I don't know what will!