Sunday, March 14, 2010

False doctrine?

Tonight I was putting the girls to bed and was frustrated because it was taking them a very long time to go to sleep (thanks to Daylight Savings) and I told them it was their last chance to go to sleep before I took their dolls away. Paris then piped up with "We need to make the right choice or Joseph Smith will send a big fish to eat us up." That took me a little off guard, but I told her that wasn't quite true and she insisted that "if you make wrong choices, Joseph Smith sends the big fish to eat you up." I asked her why she thought that and she said that's what she learned in Primary today! I'm guessing I just have a 3 year old that wasn't paying very close attention in class!

Friday, March 5, 2010

More cute pics of my angel!

Madison is almost 2 weeks old now, and is still so good...she's only cried a few times and it never lasts more than a few seconds...we're still keeping our fingers crossed that this behavior lasts for the next 18 years! :) Anyways, here are just a bunch of random pics of this sweet baby of ours...

My little artists!

Savannah has always been artistic...even when she was as young as 18 months old, she would sit and color for long periods of time and has been drawing very good pictures from the time she was 2. Lately her pictures have become very detailed and very recognizable and she is very proud of them so she has been taking pictures of her drawings. She has become very interested in our camera and loves to take pictures (we're going to have to get her a more kid-friendly camera to play with so she doesn't have to use ours!)...I'm actually impressed at how good she is with centering the pictures and it's pretty funny to see some of the pictures that show up on our camera! So here are some photos from Savannah...some of her own drawings and the others were just random objects that she wanted to take pictures of!

Paris has never been quite as artistic, but she is definitely creative and imaginative and not afraid of messes! The other day, this is how I found her after the girls had been coloring...she decided to use herself instead of her paper as her canvas! She explained that she just pretended it was makeup! Oh, and those markers hanging from her hair were her curlers....yep, that's my Paris!