Wednesday, September 28, 2011

4 months old!

I know I say this every time, but I can't believe this little guy is already 4 months old!  Camden is the sweetest baby ever and I am absolutely in love with my little boy!  He is so smiley and happy and mellow-pretty much the perfect baby and we just love having him in our home.  I just took him to his check-up and he weighed in at 17.1 pounds, 24.75 inches.  He is definitely not starving and kind of looks like a little ball these days :).

We have started putting him in the Jumperoo and he loves that, he loves his Bumbo seat and is starting to enjoy tummy time a little more, although he really doesn't get much floor time at all because I am too afraid to leave him on the floor with Madison around!  He still sleeps pretty good and only gets up once a night to eat so no complaints there, and he is a pretty good napper also.  He is the first of my kids that is happy even when his naps get skipped or shortened, which is good since we have to work around all of the other kids' schedules these days.  He loves to "talk" too and sometimes gets so vocal that it sounds like he is yelling for several minutes straight...pretty darn cute.  His favorite thing these days is his foot...he always grabs his foot and hangs on tight!  He is also trying pretty hard to be a thumb sucker these days, which I think is pretty cute but am still trying to discourage the habit by replacing his thumb with a binky whenever I catch him at it!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Camden's Blessing

We waited until Camden was just over 3 months old to do his blessing, so that his Uncle David would be home from his mission and able to attend!  It was a wonderful day to have so many family members and friends there to support us and our new little boy.  I will say that it was a lot harder to find a cute blessing outfit for a boy than for a girl and Bubba and I both thought that most of the options were ridiculous!  Even the one that I ordered came with a silly hat...there was no way we were going to allow him to wear it, but I did try to get a couple pics with it just for giggles...why do they even make those hats anyways?!!!  We didn't even get a full family shot that day, but did manage to get a picture of the girls since they looked cute that day too.  It's impossible enough to keep track of all 4 kids, nevertheless take pictures of all of them!  

Not sure what that spot is on my face...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Beginning of another school year

I can't believe I have a first grader!  This year is a big one for Savannah since we enrolled her in a French immersion program at an elementary school in Provo.  I have been incredibly nervous for this because I thought she would not be very happy about the drive and that she would be stressed about having a teacher speak only French for several hours every day but so far she loves it.  Her English teacher is Ms. Garner and her French teacher in Madame Villareale.  I really hope that she continues to enjoy the year and that we all survive the long drive!

Paris has started another year of preschool with Miss Amy and is loving it again.  I think she is ready for kindergarten, but since she doesn't turn 5 until November, she gets to enjoy another year of preschool before school next year.  I think she will have a hard time with Savannah being gone all day long but she does a great job of entertaining herself and has started playing more with Madison while Savannah is at school, which has been so nice.