Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Swimming Lessons

For the last two weeks, the girls have been taking swimming lessons and it has been quite a success! My mom was nice enough to agree to come with me so that we could put both girls in the "Mom and Me" class. Paris is crazy in the water and has absolutely no fear, but at least now she can back into the pool while hanging onto the wall instead of just running straight in and going under! Savannah has always been pretty timid in the water but by the end of our lessons she got brave enough to put enough of her face in to be able to blow bubbles and she was doing a great back float as well! The girls love to go to the pool and it was really nice to be able to get in with them every day and cool off in this horribly hot weather we've been having!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Homegrown Butterflies!

A couple of months ago, I bought one of those butterfly habitats since the girls love butterflies and I thought it would be fun. A couple weeks later, we got 5 tiny little caterpillars in the mail and about a week after that they were huge caterpillars that turned into cocoons, and then about a week later they were butterflies! After the butterflies appeared, Savannah kept asking me where the caterpillars went so I'm not sure she quite understood what happened, but Bubba and I both thought it was pretty neat to watch the whole process so it was still worth it! Here is one of the butterflies on the day that we finally decided to let them go!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Savannah can pedal!

Ok, so I'm really late in posting this news since Savannah figured out to pedal about 5-6 weeks ago, but she has more recently figured out how to go pretty fast and turn while pedaling, and as of the last few days, all she wants to do is ride her bike! I haven't really been very good at taking pictures lately, but Grandma took some great ones the other night when we were at her house so I finally have some of Savannah on her bike (and some really cute ones of Paris too)! I need to be a lot better about taking my camera with me, but I don't have enough hands for my kids and all of their stuff so it just always gets left behind....

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Unlucky Fourth of July Weekend!

So I was kind of excited for the 4th this year since it was going to be the first time in 4 years that we have been in Utah for the holiday, and also the first time that Bubba wasn't working all day. However, at the last minute, Bubba ended up having to go resolve some issues in one of his offices so he left on the 3rd and had to be gone for the holiday. Bummer. He promised he would be home before Sunday though and got a flight that would come in late Saturday night. So Saturday afternoon, he calls me and tells me that his rental car got broken into and all of his stuff was gone. Yep, ALL of it! The weird thing is that he didn't have anything visible since all of it was in the trunk so I don't know why someone broke into his car...especially in the middle of a Costco parking lot! Anyways, all of his tools, his laptop, his GPS, digital camera, suitcase (with all of his clothes), phone chargers, was all gone. He had to file a police report and deal with paperwork at the car rental place, but still managed to catch his flight which ended up being delayed so then he missed his connecting flight and was stuck in Minneapolis for the night. He flew home today but had to wait for someone to bring a set of spare car keys up to the airport since his car keys were in his laptop bag that was stolen. So he got home this afternoon with nothing but his phone and his least his phone didn't get stolen again! This is the 4th time in just over a year that we have had stuff stolen from us....what is the deal?!!!