Monday, September 8, 2008

First Big Owie!

So on Labor Day, Paris got her first injury requiring medical attention but we all survived and I'm just glad that it really wasn't that big of a deal. I always knew that of my two kids, she would be the first one to really hurt fact I would be willing to bet that she will probably end up in the ER at least 5 times before Savannah ever makes it there!

Anyways, we were at the bowling alley with family for Bubba's mom's birthday and somehow her elbow got dislocated. She was whimpering as we were leaving and saying that her arm hurt but she wasn't screaming or anything so I didn't really think anything was wrong. Then we got to Bubba's mom's house and I realized that she wasn't moving her arm at all, and every time we moved her she would start whimpering/crying. After she had sat completely still on my lap for almost 2 hours, I decided I probably needed to go get it checked out even though nothing looked abnormal on her arm. Luckily the InstaCare clinic was open so I didn't actually have to go to the ER and we were the only ones there so we didn't have to wait. As soon as the doctor started moving her arm, Paris just sat there and didn't make a noise so then I began to wonder if it was possible for a 21 month old to fake an injury for 2 hours. But as soon as he tried to rotate her wrist she whimpered and so he determined that it was her elbow instead of her shoulder. He told me he was going to pop it back in and that she would probably be very upset. I heard a pop and Paris made a little noise and then she was totally fine and began moving around like nothing had ever happened. The doctor couldn't believe how brave and tough she was....yep, that's my little Paris!

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