Monday, August 30, 2010

We're Home!

I can't believe that another month has already flown by...and this month has been crazy! We spent a lot of it getting packed up and ready to leave VA. Savannah flew home with Kassie on the 14th, and then I flew home with Paris and Madison on the 21st. Paris had a little (ok, not so little) meltdown going through security because she didn't want to take off her shoes or walk through the scanner. It was not fun holding a baby, trying to fold up a stroller, get my own shoes off, force hers off, and drag all of us through security with her screaming her head off, but once that was over with, both girls were wonderful on the flights. Madison slept almost the entire time up in the air and Paris just played games on my iPod! Walking into my house was the most wonderful thing...I forgot how much I love my house! The girls are loving having a yard and more space to play and have been so happy to be home. And I am loving the is so much cooler and actually refreshing to be outside!
Bubba won't be back for a few more days since he has to close up the office and then drive all the way home, so we are just counting down until he gets here and we can get back to normal!

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