Friday, February 22, 2013

Madison is 3!

Madison is 3!  This little girl definitely keeps us on our toes...she is absolutely silly and crazy and we love her tons!  She is a little bit shy around people she doesn't know, but once she is warmed up, she barely takes a breath and pretty much never stops talking.  She makes up silly songs and stories and loves to make everyone laugh with the crazy stuff she comes up with.  One time she was being really crazy and I jokingly asked her where in the world she came from, and she immediately replied "From the Gooey Geyser!"  She obviously really likes Dora!  She loves to do everything that her big sisters (aka "the kids") do and is really not afraid of anything.  She loves to ride the Razors that the big kids have and she is really fast on those things!  She is extremely persistent and stubborn and there is absolutely no reasoning with her once she has an idea in mind.  She is a complete goofball but is such a sweetheart at the same time - she adds so much laughter and fun to our home!

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