Sunday, November 11, 2012

Paris is 6!

Hard to believe this little girl of mine is already 6 years old!  There are so many things to say about this tiny little person who has sooooo much personality!  Paris has been in kindergarten for a few months now and is doing so well.  She loves school and has so much fun with it, even though she is miles ahead of where she needs to be for her age!  At the beginning of the school year they gave all the kids a test about everything that they will need to know by the time they finish kindergarten so that they can measure their progress throughout the year.  Paris scored a 98%...before the school year even started!  She continues to love reading more than just about anything and is often found very late at night reading with a flashlight under her covers.  She reads anything and everything and as a result, she knows all sorts of random facts about things and she has a wonderful vocabulary as well.  She has been waiting until she turned 6 so that she can start gymnastics and be in Savannah's class, so she will be starting that up this week.  She lost her 2 front teeth on the bottom right after kindergarten began.  She is quite the little fashionista and is constantly layering many different items of clothing on top of each other to come up with very interesting outfits!  We all love Paris so much and she brings a lot of energy and fun to our family!  

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