Saturday, June 23, 2012

Savannah is 7!

I can't believe my baby is 7!  Savannah is growing up so fast all of the sudden...I feel like she went from being a little toddler to being all grown up into a big kid.  She is going to be starting second grade and she is just becoming so to watch, but also frightening!  Savannah used to be so shy and timid, but now she is brave and confident and willing to try pretty much anything.  Even though she is getting older, she is still the most obedient, helpful and good child ever!  She hardly ever does anything wrong and if she does, she is quick to fix it and try to make up for whatever happened.  She is constantly asking me if she can take Camden and go play with him (of course!) and she is such an awesome big sister to all of her siblings.  Even though she is only 7, she is super responsible and is such a wonderful helper to me.  Savannah is always creating something...if there is a toy she wants or something that she doesn't have...she just makes it!  She has created wings and mermaid tails for her Polly Pocket dolls, she makes houses for all of them, she makes up stories and letters all the time...her creativity astounds me.  She uses up a lot of crayons, paper and tape....but honestly, that is all she needs to be entertained for hours.  She just figures it all out on her own and she comes to me when she is ready to show me the final product...amazing!  We love this little girl so much and can't even remember life without her....hopefully the next year doesn't go by quite so fast!

We had a "beach-themed" birthday party with some of her friends...we all had fun and got wet-mission accomplished!

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