Sunday, January 10, 2010

December Summary!

This December was a very busy one but we had a wonderful Christmas season and it was so fun because the girls were so excited about everything. They loved the decorations, lights, parties, snow and everything else and we had a wonderful time!

I got the girls cute red sweaters and black skirts to wear to church and Savannah was not happy at all about it. She insisted that she didn't like black and I told her that I let her pick what she wears every other day and that she needed to wear her Christmas outfit for a few hours this one as you can tell from the pictures she was not thrilled, but she did end up cooperating and I think the girls looked pretty cute. I don't match the girls very often anymore (mostly because Savannah is very picky about what she wears and Paris is actually starting to get that way too), but I think it's fun to have matching dresses and am already getting excited to be able to match all 3 girls!

We had several snowstorms throughout the month and the girls absolutely loved playing out in the snow. They went to go "help" Daddy shovel one day and he ended up making them a little sledding hill in our front yard that they loved. I tell them all the time what lucky girls they are to have such a wonderful Daddy-I think he continues to have more and more fun with them as they get older, and I think both of them are pretty big fans of his too!

Christmas morning seemed to be a big success...the girls loved their new bikes from Santa and Bubba loved getting Beatles Rockband. He has wanted to get Rockband forever but I just don't like the songs/singers/vibe of that game and didn't want the kids around it, but I figured the Beatles version was a little more family friendly and Bubba has always been a huge fan of the Beatles too! The kids love playing drums and guitar with Daddy...maybe they will actually get some of his musical talent since they won't be getting any from me!

The girls were so sad when Christmas was over, and did not want me to put away the tree and all the other decorations. In fact, we still have the Christmas music CD in the car and the girls love it so much that I haven't had the heart to take it away so we have still been listening to Christmas music-both girls know all the words and verses to all 20 songs on the CD! I need to replace it soon though, or I think Daddy is going to go crazy!

December 28 marked our 7th wedding's hard to believe that it's already been 7 years but when I think back on everything that we've accomplished and done since we've been married, it seems like much longer than that! I couldn't ask for a better husband and can honestly say that we are happier than ever and I am so grateful for everything that Bubba does for me and our family. He works so hard for our family (in fact, he actually had to work in Dallas the entire week so he missed our anniversary and New Years) and is such a wonderful father to our girls. Can't wait to see what the next seven years brings us!

2009 was a great one for our is our Christmas card for the year (once again I sent them out late and might not have gotten one to everyone so enjoy)!

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