Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween in Arizona!

This past weekend, we made a quick trip down to Tucson to visit my brother Landon, his wife Melissa and their new baby Austin. It was definitely warm down there which was perfect for Halloween, especially since both of my girls wanted to be Tinkerbell. It was nice to not have to bundle the kids up over their costumes! Originally Savannah said she wanted Paris to be Tinkerbell and she wanted to be something else, but when she saw Paris' costume, she wanted to be Tinkerbell too...these days everything must be exactly the same or we have major meltdowns! Anyways, both girls were so cute and had so much fun trick-or-treating. Savannah is usually pretty shy but she marched right up to doors and yelled "Trick or Treat" and even after they gave her some candy, she would hold her bucket back up until they gave her more!

It was so fun to meet my newest nephew...he is definitely not little (over 15 pounds at 7 weeks!) but he is so cute and the girls loved him, especially Savannah! We were able to be there for his blessing on Sunday which was really neat too. The drive wasn't super fun, but the girls actually did really well, thanks to Little Einsteins and the DVD player in our car!


Adrian and Jessica W said...

The girl's costumes are SOOO cute! So neat that you actually had a WARM Halloween- it rained here! Sounds like you had a fun time- and WOW- Austin is huge!! ;)

Laura said...

Your girls look so cute in their costumes-good thing you were in Arizona or their costumes would have had to be covered up by a coat, which was always SO sad for me when I was little!