Saturday, July 10, 2010

4th of July

We were pretty lame this year and didn't really do anything for the was Sunday and it just seemed like a lot of effort to keep the kids up so late and try to find somewhere around here to go see we just stayed home. However, I did have cute patriotic clothes for the kids to wear and tried to get some pics. Paris wouldn't even touch her red, white and blue shirt because "blue is a boy color and I don't like boy colors" so she is not in any of the pictures. It's really fun to find things for her to wear these days! Speaking of which, Savannah refuses to wear shorts this summer...she will wear jeans (it is over 100 degrees here almost every day) or skirts, but will not wear any of her cute shorts. AAAAAAHHHHH! Anyways, if these pictures don't make you feel patriotic, I don't know what will!


Janice said...

Those pictures are so cute. If you're back in time you should enter her in the Onion days baby contest or something, with those dimples who could resist. I hear ya on the fashionista. I'll pick out something really cute for Jade and she flat out refuses because it's not solid pink. She's really into skirts too. Many fun years ahead I'm sure :-)

Joe and Heidi said...

It is so crazy how much Madison has changed since we saw you last. And Savannah looks so cute with her presents. Sorry we didn't call. Tell her Happy Birthday for Jersie.