Wednesday, January 23, 2008

We miss Bubba!

Last week Bubba was in Florida for work, he came home Saturday night and then left Monday for Idaho. He gets back Saturday afternoon, and has to leave for Colorado on Monday and won't get back until next Thursday. After that he should be around more, but all of us miss him! We've all gotten used to having him around quite a bit over the last few months and this really isn't fun! Bubba is such a fun person to have around and the house is definitely less fun when he isn't here. The kids miss him too....alot! In the mornings I usually get Paris out of her crib when she wakes up and then we go in to wake up Daddy and she climbs all over him in bed. Every morning she still has been going in there and pulling on the covers and looking under them trying to find him. Savannah will randomly state throughout the day, "Daddy's at work" or "Daddy's sleeping." I wonder if she really thinks he's just been sleeping for the last week and a half...wouldn't be too much of a stretch since she knows how much he loves to sleep! Anyways, we've been trying to keep busy with errands and playgroups and hanging out with family, but we are ready for Daddy to be home. Our poor kids need a break from Mommy sometimes! And Mommy has a giant to-do list for Daddy that just keeps getting longer since he isn't ever here to work on it!
Sorry there are no pics this time, but our camera is dying and needs new batteries almost every time I turn it on so I haven't been taking many lately. I'm planning on getting a new camera this weekend and will start posting tons of pics as soon as I get it!


Laura said...

I'm so happy that you have a blog-I think they are so great and they make it so much easier to keep in touch with people. Your girls are so cute, it makes me want to have a girl that I can dress up and do her hair! Also I thought it bad with how much Cody is gone at times-liek from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm....reading your blog makes me realize I have nothing to complain about, I don't know how you do it-you are an amazing mom!

Spencer and Rachel said...

Nellie! You didn't tell me you had been blogging! I'm so happy you are! Amen - to what laura said - Spencer is never home either but at least he sleeps here!